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Scholar Spotlight

As a Class of 2023 scholar approaching graduation, the past few weeks have been a
blur of heavy focus on 2nd semester academics like being awarded top 100 in SAUSD and
receiving the winter sport scholar athlete award as well as participating in winter and spring
athletics such as wrestling league finals and lacrosse league qualifiers, and filled with various
letters of acceptances to schools like UCI and the University of Michigan (just to name a few)!
But one of my favorite activities has been partaking in this program. I have had such an
amazing journey in the last two years with AISS and I cannot thank them enough for all they
have helped me achieve.

In particular, AISS focuses on getting scholars college-ready, but that goes beyond how
to write our PIQ’s and making a wide-selection of schools to choose from. It extends to making
sure that we are successful in and after college, whether it is through reducing-stress seminars
or Q&A with recent college-students.

AISS has always put a large emphasis on its scholars and making sure that we have
every opportunity to be successful, and especially now as many of us prepare to head off to a
university, our focus has been on making the most out of the next four years.
In particular, I really enjoy and appreciate that AISS has been going to such great
lengths to help us prepare for college because while I have a few acceptances to UCs and
CalStates, I have been looking at my out of state offers as my primary choices.
I have been learning how to accommodate to a new state, new people, dorm life, time
management and organization techniques and just about anything that can make the
out-of-state transition easier for both myself and my loved ones.
AISS has been such a key part of my successes. I am grateful to be a part of this
valuable program. I know that more successes are just lying in wait for myself and for my peers’

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